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College Park, Maryland lies at the western edge of the middle Atlantic coastal plain, about 80km east of the Blue Ridge mountains and 55km west of the Chesapeake Bay.

Station elevation is only 22m above mean sea level in a region of slightly rolling terrain.


Summers are warm and sometimes humid and the winters are mild. Especially pleasant weather prevails in the spring and autumn. The coldest weather occurs in late January and early February, with an average daily maximum temperature of 7C (45F) and an average daily minimum of -2C (28F). The warmest weather occurs in late July, when daily high temperatures commonly exceed 30C (86F).

There are no well-defined wet and dry seasons. Snowfall is not common, and averages only about 43cm (17in) per winter season. During the summer, showers are frequent. Thunderstorms occur on about one of every five days.

Significant temperature differences within the Washington metropolitan area are not unusual. Temperatures are commonly from 5 to 8F warmer at the Washington National airport, due to the heat island effect of the city in the summer and the moderating influence of the Potomac River in winter.

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