Why Choose Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at the University of Maryland?

The perfect location for collaboration and ranked in the Top 10 oceanography, atmospheric sciences and meteorology programs by the National Research Council.

Our Bachelor of Science degree in atmospheric and oceanic science has been designed to teach broad-based knowledge in meteorology, oceanography, climate and air pollution. 


The degree satisfies the requirements for federal service positions as a meteorologist or oceanographer and also follows the American Meteorological Society's statement on bachelor's degrees in Atmospheric Science. 

Our department offers three different minor tracks for undergraduate students: meteorology, atmospheric science, and atmospheric chemistry.


These courses focus on the fundamentals of our field and are usually sufficient to obtain a job in the field or admission to graduate school in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences.


Flexible program allows students to tailor the major to their interests, whether it's atmospheric chemistry or weather forecasting.


Course plans satisfy American Meteorological Society guidelines for a B.S. degree in atmospheric science.