Undergraduate Major Overview

Our Bachelor of Science degree in atmospheric and oceanic science has been designed to teach broad-based knowledge in meteorology, oceanography, climate and air pollution. The degree satisfies the requirements for federal service positions as a meteorologist or oceanographer and also follows the American Meteorological Society's statement on bachelor's degrees in Atmospheric Science. All majors complete a senior thesis based on undergraduate research opportunities.

There are many advantages to studying atmospheric and oceanic science at the University of Maryland, such as small class sizes, outstanding teachers and mentors, an active student organization, and very talented classmates. The University of Maryland is a large university, but we are a smaller community within it, so you get the advantages of the diversity of a large university with the close-knit relationships in a smaller department. 

With the University of Maryland's proximity to Washington, D.C., we are located in a geographical area which is rich in co-op, internships, summer and full-time job opportunities. We are also close to numerous museums; music, art and sports venues, and much more.

We also believe that some of the most important science education occurs outside the classroom, and we require all of our majors to participate in cutting-edge research with our internationally recognized faculty members or an internship or research project outside the department. Through participation in research projects, our students learn what it takes to conduct world-class scientific research and decide whether they have the passion to pursue this career path. 

Whether you decide to continue to study atmospheric and oceanic science in graduate school or work in fields such as engineering, software development, law, business or education, a bachelor's degree in atmospheric and oceanic science from the University of Maryland provides an excellent foundation. Our very talented undergraduates have a passion for atmospheric and oceanic science that helps create a dynamic and collegial atmosphere in which to study, but they have a wide variety of interests and talents in many other areas, including music, sports, art and theater. After graduation, our alumni explore careers in academia, government and private industry.