Student Seminars

Stuents launching a balloonAOSC student seminars are held on Tuesdays at 3:30 PM in Room ATL3400 or online. Third-year students and above are required to give a seminar at least once a year. These seminars provide a great opportunity to see what your fellow grad students are up to, as well as provide a small, comfortable environment for those speaking to hone their presentation skills. To take any seminar spot still available please send an email to Zihan Chen.

Guidelines for the seminars:

  • An abstract of less than 50 words to be submitted 1 week before the seminar
  • Time of seminar to not exceed 30 min
    • 5 minute introduction, 15-20 min on major results, 5 min questions/discussion
    • Suggested total of 20-25 slides
  • Only need to highlight 2-3 major (take home) achievements
  • Audience is not expected to stay if not finished after 30 min