Computing & Printing Resources

AOSC Servers

The AOSC computation server provides dedicated IT support for faculty-purchased computational resources. AOSC Computing Resources are built around a Central Computing Core facility that provides computational platforms and a central Network Attached Storage (NAS) cluster for high-density file serving. The storage cluster has a total storage capacity of over 800 terabytes. These machines provide numerous services from web hosting to high-volume file-system serving as well as CPU-intensive parallel processing.



In addition to the departmental computational platforms, researchers in the Department also have dedicated access to UMD’s supercomputer, Zaratan.  Zaratan has 360 standard computation nodes with 46,080 cores as well as 20 GPU nodes with 2,560 cores. The Zaratan cluster has a theoretical peak performance of 3.5 Pflops.  AOSC has a monthly allotment of at least 7,000 kSU of computation on Zaratan. The most recent usage is here.


Printing Resources

Printing services are for AOSC Faculty/Staff/Students only. See the printing information page for more details.