Computing & Printing Resources

  • AOSC Server: The AOSC computation server provides dedicated IT support for faculty-purchased computational resources; an upgraded server will be online in Fall 2021. AOSC Computing Resources are built around a Central Computing Core facility that provides computational platforms and a central Network Attached Storage (NAS) cluster for high-density file serving. The storage cluster has a total storage capacity of over 800 terabytes. These machines provide numerous services from web hosting to high-volume file-system serving as well as CPU-intensive parallel processing.


  • DeepThought2: AOSC researchers have dedicated access to UMD’s supercomputer, Deepthought2 (DT2).  DT2 has 488 computation nodes with 9,840 cores and is benchmarked at over 160 TFlop/s based on actual linpack runs. AOSC has a monthly allotment of at least 640,000 core hours of computation on DT2. The most recent usage is here. DT2 resources are free.


  • Printing Resources: Printing services are for AOSC Faculty/Staff/Students only. See the printing information page for more details.