The most qualified applicants are awarded fellowships, research or teaching assistantships. These include a stipend, tuition remission, and enrollment in university health insurance. The graduate school requires a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) for financial aid but funded students within our department typically have significantly higher GPAs than this minimum.

Unlike some graduate programs, most students within our department are not required to teach, allowing them to focus more on research during the course of the degree.

Since funding for graduate students comes mostly from professors' research grants, PhD applicants are preferred over MS applicants, as they are nominally able to make more significant research contributions.

Cost of Attendance

  • Application Fee: $75 (nonrefundable)
  • Tuition: In-State - $500/credit*; Out-of-state - $1077/credit*
  • Mandatory Campus Fee: $326.25/semester
  • Textbooks: Vary by course and are not included in the tuition and fees

Note: Students with research or teaching assistantships are granted remission and do not pay tuition for up to 10 credits/semester.

The mandatory campus fee goes toward a multitude of campus services including complimentary gym membership, shuttle bus, athletic tickets, student activities & subsidized medical treatment at the health center.