AOSC346 Cycles in the Earth System (3)

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MATH140, AOSC/GEOG/GEOL123, or permission of department.
Recommended: MATH141, PHYS141, PHYS171, or PHYS161. Also offered as GEOG346, GEOL346.

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The Earth System operates through some fundamental cycles such as water, energy, and the carbon cycles. This course will build on GEOL/GEOG/AOSC123 starting with concept of feedbacks within the Earth System, global energy balance and the Greenhouse Effect. A brief introduction to the atmospheric and oceanic circulation will lead to the water cycle connecting the land, ocean, and atmosphere to the Earth System. Introduction to the Global carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycles will be followed by the concept of long-term climate regulation and short-term climate variability. The concepts of cycles, feedbacks, forcings, and responses in the Earth System will be applied to Global Warming and Ozone Depletion.