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AOSC Seminar by Dr. Abigail Bodner, 3/30/2023

AOSC Seminar

Dr. Abigail Bodner

Courant Institute, NYU



Ocean mixed layer dynamics: from physics to climate models and back again



Climate simulations and future climate change projections are notoriously sensitive to unresolved physics involving complex air-sea interactions. This is particularly important in the ocean mixed layer, where small-scale mixing and turbulence modulate the transfer of properties – such as heat, momentum, and carbon – between the atmosphere and ocean interior. The most relevant phenomena are known as submesoscales and boundary layer turbulence, which produce fluxes on scales much smaller than the grid used in climate models, even at the highest possible resolution. In this talk, I will present my work towards a comprehensive understanding of multi-scale turbulent interactions in the ocean mixed layer. I will discuss insights learned from a combination of theory, numerical models, and data driven methods, in an attempt to isolate individual processes and improve their unresolved physical effects in climate models.



Dr. Abigail Bodner is a Simons Society Junior Fellow working at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. Previously, she received her PhD from the department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences at Brown University. Dr. Bodner also holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University as well as in Atmospheric Sciences from Tel Aviv University, Israel. Dr. Bodner’s research spans climate, physical oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, and turbulence. She investigates, quantifies, and parameterizes multi-scale turbulent interactions in the upper ocean, which play an important role in ocean-atmosphere interactions, yet are on scales much smaller than the grid used in climate models, even at the highest possible resolution. Dr. Bodner is the creator and co-founder of Climatematch Academy, with a mission to build a global and diverse climate science community equipped with computational tools to tackle challenges presented by our changing climate.


Contact: Jacob Wenegrat

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AOSC Seminar

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