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AOSC Seminar by Dr. Astrid Pacini, 4/4/2024

AOSC Seminar

Astrid Pacini

UW Applied Physics Laboratory



Structure, variability, and dynamics of the West Greenland boundary current system



The dynamics of the boundary currents around Greenland play a critical role in the subpolar gyre and the strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. Fluxes of heat, freshwater, and carbon from the boundary currents to the interior basins influence the stratification, ventilation, gas uptake, and subsequent export of intermediate and dense waters to the subtropical ocean. However, observations of these processes are lacking, especially along the west coast of Greenland. Here, we use mooring data, shipboard measurements, satellite imagery, and reanalysis output to characterize the structure, variability, and dynamics of the West Greenland boundary current system across a range of spatio-temporal scales, estimate the slope-basin exchange of properties, and asses the impacts of these fluxes on dense water formation and the lower limb of the AMOC. 



Astrid is an observational physical oceanographer. Her research focuses on processes at high latitudes, including ice-ocean interactions, boundary current dynamics, and water mass transformation. She is interested in how ice-ocean and air-sea interactions influence stratification, how heat and freshwater are transported in polar and subpolar seas, and how these property and momentum fluxes impact global climate. Astrid is currently a postdoc at the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab, where she studies ocean dynamics in the marginal ice zone. Astrid received her PhD in physical oceanography from the MIT-WHOI Joint Program, where she worked on dynamics of the subpolar gyre and water mass transformation in the Pacific Arctic.



James Carton


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AOSC Seminar

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