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AOSC Seminar by Dr. Huan Liu, 4/18/2024

AOSC Seminar

Huan Liu

Tsinghua University (Visiting Professor at Harvard)



Addressing Transportation Emissions: From Local Pollutions to Global Challenges



Air pollution and climate change are two of the most significant challenges and opportunities in contemporary atmospheric science. Transportation has emerged as a key driver for both these challenges. This report will briefly review the evolution of air pollution control, as well as global decarbonization challenges for transportation. Then, research progresses on ‘Transportation Emissions ---- Multiscale Atmospheric Impacts ---- Emission Management’ would be introduced. We will discuss two case studies. Firstly, we'll examine the impact of vehicles on urban complex underlying environment by a multi-scale air quality coupling model and explore ways to optimize vehicular emissions control policies. Secondly, we'll delve into the challenges of achieving carbon neutrality in the global shipping and propose innovative collaborative mechanisms to drive decarbonization efforts.



Her research field is atmospheric pollution and climate change. She has a particular interest in understanding and addressing the impact of transportation on atmospheric pollution and climate change. Huan has led the development in the theory, models, methods and algorithms for complex traffic systems, and stereoscopically analyzing the impact of traffic emissions on multi-scale atmospheric and population health effects. The research results have been published in Nature Climate Change, Nature Sustainability, Nature Cities, Nature Communications, The Innovation, One Earth, etc., and have been widely cited by peers.

She is the Distinguished Young Scientist by National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Newton Advanced Fellowship owner by Royal Society of UK, the top 2% scientists worldwide. Huan is also associate editor for journal Atmospheric Environment: X.



Zhanqing Li


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AOSC Seminar

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