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AOSC Seminar by Dr. Jiwen Fan, 10/08/2020

AOSC Seminar

Dr. Jiwen Fan

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Title: Physical factors impacting convective storms and weather hazards


Deep convective clouds play a crucial role in atmospheric circulation, energy, and water cycle of our climate system. The extreme form of such storms produces weather hazards such as large hail, damaging winds and/or tornadoes, and torrential rainfall, causing significant property damages and economic losses. There is a large gap in our fundamental understanding of environmental factors impacting storm intensity, precipitation, and associated hazards. In particular, how aerosols from various sources modify these storms is still controversial. In this talk, I will present our efforts in understanding physical factors that impact storm intensity, extreme precipitation, and hailstones associated with (1) land cover and anthropogenic aerosol changes and (2) anthropogenic warming. I will focus on the understandings mainly gained from process-level studies with both advanced observations and high-resolution model simulations. The challenges in observing and modeling such deep convective clouds and their interactions with environmental factors will be discussed.

Contact: Zhanqing Li

AOSC Seminar

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Seminar: 3:30-4:30pm, Zoom
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