The AOSC Diversity Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee has launched the department's first Diversity and Inclusion Survey!

The intention in designing this survey is to quantify and then celebrate the various dimensions of diversity that we already represent within our current community and the ways that we are already welcoming and inclusive. Data collected in this survey may also point us toward our "growing edges", opportunities to become even more inclusive of people from a wider variety of diverse identities. Invitations to complete the survey went out to all of our students, faculty, and staff on March 10th and will be open for the next couple weeks. We thank you in advance for your participation! With your support, we can celebrate our existing diversity and inclusiveness and direct our resources towards improving the ability of individuals of all identities to attain their greatest potential which in turn allows the greatest benefits for AOSC.

Acknowledgment of our differences at our institutions of study and work is a starting point of acceptance of our diversity. Humans differ in numerous ways, which help us to distinguish from each other. The differences make us multi-dimensional and create our identity. The Diversity Wheel (created by Loden and Resener, 1991, and modified by Gardenswartz and Rowe, 2003) is a graphic way to display that multidimensionality. In this version, the Identity of an individual is at the center of the model, encompasses all aspects of a person that can be described as personal identity and dictates how that individual thinks and communicates. The Diversity Wheel helps to provide a more inclusive starting point for conversations about diversity at any organization that should help to identify similarities and differences that cross societal and cultural boundaries. The current dialogue around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is largely focused on the internal dimensions and a handful of the external dimensions.

The AOSC DEI committee's aim is to foster a shared culture at AOSC that promotes respecting and valuing the diversity of identities among its members and educating on our differences.  We believe that a diverse and inclusive educational and work environment provides an atmosphere that allows all individuals to attain their greatest potential which in turn allows the greatest benefits for AOSC. You can read more about the committees goals and initiatives here.