Professor Wenegrat Setting Sail on Pacific Ocean Expedition

University of Maryland Assistant Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Jacob Wenegrat is preparing to set sail on the research vessel Sally Ride as the deputy chief scientist on a NASA expedition to the Pacific Ocean.

The nearly monthlong trip, set to begin April 9, 2023, will be the third leg of NASA’s Sub-Mesocale Ocean Dynamics Experiment (S-MODE) field campaign, which aims to better understand the interactions between air and sea that drive ocean fronts. These processes, while globally important, are little understood at smaller scales.

Scientists hope that information collected during this research trip could be used to improve climate modeling and weather forecasting in the future. Biologists will also find the data useful, as the movement of ocean waters—especially the rising and falling of nutrient-rich waters—contributes to the overall productivity of the ocean and marine life.

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