Headshot of Dean Calhoun
Contact Info
Dean Calhoun
Graduate Student
Research Assistant
Ph.D. Advisor: Maria Molina (current)

My research interests include extreme weather events, large-scale dynamics and variability of the atmosphere, and social impacts of climate change. I am also interested in making science as equitable, open, and accessible as possible. Currently, my work is focused on AI-based approaches to quantifying and explaining uncertainty and inequity in geoscience.

Research Papers/Presentations/Posters:

  • US CLIVAR Blocking and Extreme Weather in a Changing Climate Workshop (March 2024): Presented a poster titled “Determining the Eddy Feedback Strength of the Baroclinic Annular Mode and Atmospheric Blocking In An Idealized Quasi-Geostrophic Model
  • AMS 2024: Presented a talk titled “Exploring Additional Predictors to Improve Probabilistic Forecasting of Thunderstorms Using a 2-D Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)” at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Science.
  • AGU 2023: Presented a poster titled “Quantifying the Barotropic and Baroclinic Eddy Feedback Strength of the Annular Mode in Two Simple Idealized Models” in the Session on Extratropical Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation Variability.