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Office: 4352-ATL
Shaun Eisner
Graduate Student
Research Assistant

My research interests lie in ocean physical-biological interactions and data assimilation with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between ocean circulation and the distribution of oceanic tracers, such as dissolved oxygen or phytoplankton concentration. My research is focused on developing a historical reconstruction of marine biogeochemistry in order to recover global trends in oxygen content, nutrient availability, and phytoplankton concentration over the past half-century. I am also currently involved in developing a global observational analysis of ocean surface circulation that aims to be physically consistent with observations of oceanic tracers such as sea surface temperature, sea ice, and ocean color.

Research Publications/Presentations/Posters

  • EGU 2023: The Development of a New Daily Global Mesoscale Blended Ocean Surface Currents (BOSC) Product (04/28/23 - Oral)
  • OSTST 2022: The new daily global mesoscale Blended Ocean Surface Current (BOSC) product (10/31/2023 - Poster)