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Contact Info
Office: 5830 Research Park Bldg. 1
Phone: 301-683-3434
Scott Weaver
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D. '07, M.S. '03

Scott Weaver (Ph.D.) is a climate scientist and former Executive Director for Meteorology in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. 
Dr. Weaver currently serves as CEO of CLIMET Consulting, a DC based firm providing unique interdisciplinary insights into extreme weather disasters in order to enable effective climate adaptation decisions and weather disaster risk reduction. Scott has over 20 years of experience as a scientist and an executive, leading climate and weather research and advancing interagency science policy across the federal government - most recently serving as the Executive Director for Meteorology in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. While at the White House, Dr. Weaver led the coordination of the federal meteorological enterprise across more than 20 agencies, developing and executing strategic priorities, policies, and practices to advance the provision of meteorological science and services for the Nation. Dr. Weaver has also held scientific leadership positions in the federal government and private sector focused on weather, climate variability, climate change, and disaster impact reduction, which together provide a unique scientific and policy perspective across the entire spectrum of weather and climate phenomena and their impacts. Scott Weaver has also served as an Affiliate Professor at the University of Maryland and is passionate about educating general, business and technical audiences on important topics in climate and weather.

Recently, Dr. Weaver testified before the .House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024. To view the video, please click here.