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AOSC Seminar by Dr. Betsy Weatherhead

AOSC Seminar
Dr. Betsy Weatherhead
Jupiter Intelligence; University of Colorado, Boulder (retired)
Planning the Climate Observing System of the Future
Contact: Ross Salawitch


Climate observations are part of the foundation for understanding the complex Earth System and how it may be changing.  We are currently in a renaissance of Earth observations, with new approaches being developed and applied in innovative ways on a yearly basis. Despite these developments, we still lack enough information about the Earth to address some of the most important needs for climate observations.  One way to prioritize observational needs is to focus on the seven World Climate Research Program's Grand Challenges (cryosphere, water availability, extreme events, carbon cycle, cryosphere, sea level rise, and seasonal-to-decadal predictions).  Gaping holes exist for long-term observations, campaigns and support for products. Identifying the needs for each of the Grand Challenges is the current challenge.  This seminar aims to engage the AOSC scientists in identifying the most important observational needs, regardless of current observing capabilities. This should prove to be a lively interaction for those willing to participate.


AOSC Seminar

Pre-seminar refreshment: 3-3:30 pm, ATL 2400 Atrium
Seminar: 3:30-4:30pm, ATL 2400 Auditorium
Meet-the-Speaker: 4:45-5:15pm, ATL 3400 AOSC Conference Room [For AOSC Students only]

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